Investigate It for Yourself

IMG_0757Our television was on the fritz last month. It would turn on and most everything worked, but the picture would suddenly switch to a negative of the image. As with any problem in my life that needs solving, my first stop was to the font of endless information about random things–the internet. Sure enough in under five seconds I was reading posts from others who faced the same exact problem with their flat panel screen. The solution offered by the majority was simple–buy a new television. Ugh! However, one website offered an alternative. “Fix it yourself at home!” What did I have to lose. So, I opened up the back of the television and like a surgeon Continue reading


Are You Under-Developed?


One of my many jobs in high school was with the Cadillac Evening News. Six days a week this little, local newspaper put out a paper reporting on the many (often not so newsworthy) happenings of our northern Michigan town. I worked in the darkroom. It was my job to turn the reporter’s film into negatives and then transfer the images on to photo paper. So, for two hours every afternoon, I earned gas money by hanging out in a small dimly lit closet watching Continue reading

Bully God

What does it take to be God? The Greeks talked about gods who were supernaturally powerful. You have Zeus the sky god who ruled with his lighting bolt from on high. You have Aphrodite who had a supernatural level of love and sizzle. The Romans considered Continue reading

At the Heart of the Trinity

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! But its not because of the “kids who are jingle belling” or because there will be “much mistletoeing” or because “hearts be a glowing.” Christmas is amazing and wondrous because of the profound truths proclaimed during the season. This month at Community Church we are going to dig into the theology of Christmas and think hard about Continue reading

Huge Words. Huge Impact.

This week we began a new series entitled, “The Voyage.” It is the story of the prophet Jonah and his encounter with God on a voyage across the Mediterranean Sea. God said, “go to Nineveh,” but Jonah chose instead to head in the opposite direction on a ship bound for the city of Tarshish. Jonah thought he could run from God. Jonah thought God would not follow him out to sea. Jonah’s problem was a disobedience problem, but it was also a theological problem. He misunderstood the nature of God. Let’s look at three words that help to define the nature of God, but get ready they are huge words with huge impact. Continue reading