Start Seeing God Everyday!


Yesterday, the kids and I were in the car headed to school and on display through the windshield was a spectacular sunrise. We all were excitedly talking about how colorful and unique it was. It was fun to hear the kids each describe what they thought it looked like. Our oldest said it looked like seeing the sunlight from under the ocean. Another said it looked like a scene from the Toy Story movie. One of the kids said that it looked like the sky was colored with crayons. Then after a pause, Hannah, our middle child, said, “Dad, Continue reading


Investigate It for Yourself

IMG_0757Our television was on the fritz last month. It would turn on and most everything worked, but the picture would suddenly switch to a negative of the image. As with any problem in my life that needs solving, my first stop was to the font of endless information about random things–the internet. Sure enough in under five seconds I was reading posts from others who faced the same exact problem with their flat panel screen. The solution offered by the majority was simple–buy a new television. Ugh! However, one website offered an alternative. “Fix it yourself at home!” What did I have to lose. So, I opened up the back of the television and like a surgeon Continue reading

Hope of the Desert Flower


I woke up this morning to snow in Mount Pleasant, but by midday I was walking the steep slope of South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, in 90 degree temperatures. (Dave Durfee and I were flown out to Phoenix by Orchard Africa to attend a meeting to talk about our South Africa mission project. We took an afternoon before the meeting to see the mountains.) In the desert, everything is harsh. The terrain is Continue reading

Spring is Here!


Can you believe it. Spring is finally here. We have been waiting for it and now its official. So, this morning I got out my shorts and sandals. I packed away all my sweaters. And then I walked outside…

Hey, wait a minute. 20 degrees. Snow. Where is spring?

You ever feel that way when it comes to life. You know that God has brought new life to you, but nothing has changed. You still don’t have relief. You still face the challenges in your marriage. You still think your job is a waste of time. What do you do in those times?

Faith is knowing that though everything looks cold and wintery around you, Spring is still on the way. It is trusting God that he does provide for our needs. He does refresh us when we need it. He is sprouting new life below the layer of snow and ice.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

No Arguing or Complaining…come on be serious!

grumbler1“Do everything without arguing or complaining…” Philippians 2:14. Rick Warren, from Saddleback Church in California, speaking of this passage said, “I don’t have trouble with the verses of the Bible that I don’t understand, I have trouble with the ones I do understand. This passage has only one interpretation. Don’t argue and don’t complain! Holy moly guacamole.” Paul makes this very clear. Followers of Christ should not argue or complain. Woah! Is that even possible? Paul is not saying  Continue reading

The Gift of Suffering: Clarity

lord386-pictureLast week I was having lunch with Keith one of our amazing staff members at Community Church. If you have met him, you know he is an encourager extraordinaire and has a contagious passion for life. While we ate he shared why he is so pumped about life. He said he began looking at life differently after he faced a series of brain surgeries. He went through Continue reading