Slowing Down by Fasting

ImageLife can run at break-neck speeds. Hearing God’s direction requires an intentional slowing down of the mind, body and spirit. Fasting and prayer are spiritual disciplines that do just that. They create opportunities to slow down and listen. At Community Church starting today we are beginning a season of prayer and fasting that will conclude just before Easter on March 30th.

We are praying together as an entire community in three ways:

  • For a heart that LOVES GOD evidenced through passionate worship and a commitment to living out God’s word on a daily basis.
  • For a community of believers that SHARES LIFE with unity, unconditional grace and intentional care.
  • For a commitment to IMPACT OTHERS in my personal life through service, personal invitation and sharing about my faith.

I believe that God will transform your heart and our community as we pray over these three key areas.

Are you taking on the challenge to fast? Many people are doing partial fasts from food on Wednesdays. This means starting a fast after lunch on Wednesday and breaking the fast by eating lunch on Thursday. Others are fasting from other areas of life that they depend upon for comfort like chocolate, caffeine or social media. How ever you decide to do it the goal is self-denial and dependance upon God. Here are a few tips:

  • Let your hunger for food, candy or Facebook be an alarm that reminds you of your need for God above all else. Every time you feel a hunger pain, take a moment and pray that God would help you to live dependent upon him because we do not live on bread alone, but on God’s word. 
  • Let God point out your brokenness. When you fast your flaws will rise to the surface. Let God talk to you about your lack of patience, your pride or selfishness. Give those areas over to him.
  • Receive God’s good news. The goodness of God is better than anything this world offers. Take in God’s grace and care. Fasting is hungering for God and being satisfied in him. Read his word as you fast. You may choose to read through Philippians or the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).

May God nourish your soul and speak to your heart as you pray and fast.


2 thoughts on “Slowing Down by Fasting

  1. If you want to study more about the purpose of fasting try reading Isa. 58:1-12. There are some pretty thought provoking passages about the attitude we should have while we fast. Also there are some amazing promises if we choose a proper fast. Give it a read.

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