No Arguing or Complaining…come on be serious!

grumbler1“Do everything without arguing or complaining…” Philippians 2:14. Rick Warren, from Saddleback Church in California, speaking of this passage said, “I don’t have trouble with the verses of the Bible that I don’t understand, I have trouble with the ones I do understand. This passage has only one interpretation. Don’t argue and don’t complain! Holy moly guacamole.” Paul makes this very clear. Followers of Christ should not argue or complain. Woah! Is that even possible? Paul is not saying Christians can’t disagree or have hard conversations. He is not saying that we can not evaluate the quality of something in our life in order to make improvements and bring change. Actually, as Christians, we could handle to do a little more of this.

“Arguing and complaining” refers to the part of us that fails to see the good in our life, family, church, work and relationships. It is the negatively focused lens that we see the world through that keeps us from gratitude. More than that it is the barrier that keeps us from relationships that honor, build up and bring unity.

Paul says don’t do it-ever. Why? Because when you strive to eliminate gossip and murmuring it will lead to a life that is so unusual, so out of the ordinary, so against the grain of society that you will stand out like bright stars of grace in a sea of darkness and hopelessness. It will make you a rebel of grace!

Try a fast from arguing and complaining today. Be a rebel and reflect God’s grace.


4 thoughts on “No Arguing or Complaining…come on be serious!

  1. Thanks for the challenge! This reminds me a little of something we did up in Cedarville with the high school group a few years ago – we gave up complaining for Lent. Realizing how much we default to complaining was an eye-opener for everyone involved. Have you ever worked with the Complaint Free World materials? I found some of them helpful.



  2. Thamks Brian,
    It’s so easy to find fault. I guess it’s our default mode as people. But if we are being made new in Christ then God will renew our mind so we can see through His eyes. And a little more patience and optimism wouldn’t hurt.

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