“Only” versus “Every”

membersonlyIn ninth grade, I tried out for the freshman basketball team. I attended Cadillac High School the home of Vikings. It was about a week long tryout. I worked like crazy. When I got to the end of the week, the coach said,“Sorry Brian, you didn’t make it.” When he told me that, I thought that is totally unfair. Do you know the reason I didn’t make the team? The coach was completely biased towards kids who could dribble the ball and make baskets. Two things that I couldn’t do. The freshman basketball team was only for those who had the ability to play and add value to the team.

We live in a world that is about “only.”

  • Only the most skilled get the job.
  • Only the most popular get the attention.
  • Only the most beautiful end up on the magazine covers.
  • Only the wealthy get privileged status.
  • Only those with seniority get the perks.

This is how our world works–especially in western culture. You may not like it (or maybe you do), but as Bruce Hornsby put in the 80’s “its just the way it is.” But here’s the thing,

When the world says “only” God says “every.”

Listen to what God’s word says:

Everyone who asks receives.” Matthew 7:8

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Acts 2:21

“The gospel is the power of God the brings salvation to everyone who believes.” Romans 1:16

Everyone who seeks after God will find him. Everyone who believes the gospel will find heaven. There are no categories, no exclusions, no cuts, no fine print. For those of us who live in the world, but are not of the world we bring the message of “every” in a world of “only.” This is also true when it comes to serving.

I loved teaching last week from the book of Nehemiah. In chapter 3, we saw a picture of this “every” message. It reads like a page from the Jerusalem phone book, but what it shows is that it took every person working together to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. This moment foreshadows what God would teach us about the church. The church is where every person is vital to the mission.

At Community Church I want to start a conversation about the power of “every.” It is our goal to help “every” person who calls Community Church home to find their place to connect. We are truly fulfilling God’s plan when ministry happens through everybody.

If you are a Christian, God wants you to find your place to use your talents, skills and gifts to impact people’s lives. Where can you jump in? This week, we kicked off ACCESS–a brand new ministry designed to help every person get connected. Check it out this week in our hospitality center! Imagine what would happen if we unleashed the power of everybody!


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