God is MOOOOving at the SonShine Farm!


Have you driven past Community Church this week? In our front lawn we have a Guinness Book of World Record’s contender in the category of “enormous bovine.”  That’s one big cow. I think that we could create a real tourism boost in Mount Pleasant. Come get your picture with the world’s largest cow.

All week I have been saying, “holy cow!”– but not because of Ruthie the mega-cow (though she is quite impressive). I have been overwhelmed with how God has been at work through the Sonshine Farm VBS at Community Church. Around 8:45am every morning, about 600 kids pour into Community Church ready for another exciting day on the farm. And what do they find? They find hundreds of smiling, upbeat volunteers, of all ages, who are willing to do whatever it takes to help kids learn about Jesus.

  • There are the amazing volunteers from the PIG PEN feeding the kids themed snacks. For instance, on Tuesday they ate chocolate pudding and worms as we were talking about planting God’s seeds in the soil of our hearts.
  • There are adventurous people out in The Pasture running relays and throwing water balloons, showing love through play and fun.
  • There are the attentive grade group leaders who lead the children from event to event and then circle up with their kids and discuss the Bible lesson of the day.
  • There are the wonderfully creative craft team members who take the lesson of the day and teach it in hands on ways.
  • There are the incredible support teams like registration, greeters, Ma and Pa Kettle (volunteer break room), the Crisis Response Team and parking crew. They keep everyone organized and fueled. 
  • There are the people who aren’t afraid to act like real hams as they act out the drama of the day through story, laughter and real life (except for the talking cow, sheep and pig) dilemma’s they solve with God’s help.
  • There are all the many, many other production volunteers, technology volunteers, musicians, singers, dancers who together make an unforgettable environment for kids to meet with Jesus.
  • There are the energetic memory verse team members and preschool creative teaching teams.
  • Not to mention the many volunteers who put endless hours into decorating the facility to transport kids to the Sonshine Farm.
  • And I am sure that I forgot about others who have been a part of making this week amazing.
I want to offer a big thank you to everyone who has been a part of making the Sonshine Farm a place where God can help kids grow. The remarkable thing is the common mindset among the volunteers, “its not about me.” I love seeing so many people serving Christ and the kids–even if it means getting a pie in the face like Clover the Cow did this week. We are also so blessed to have tremendous KidLife staff members who have been working day in and day out for months getting everything ready for this week to happen. God delights in seeing his church serve together in unity!
The impact is huge when we release our time, money and creativity toward the same end of reaching kids for Christ. It is not possible to even measure the impact of this week as a difference is made in hundreds of kids who in turn will impact thousands of people. This is how God designed it to work. I think I heard it takes the whole farm to raise the village–or something like that.
Paul put it this way, “Now you are the body of Christ, and each of you are a part of it.” Every single person can play a part in bringing people into the kingdom, whether its through volunteering time and energy at the SonShine Farm or through reaching out to your neighbors, co-workers or friends for Christ.
God is moooving and its amazing to be a part of it.

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