What Have You Been Hearing?


This month at Community Church we have been listening together. We have sought clarity about how to respond to the growth of Community Church. We are at the beginning of an exciting season as we are seeing an ever increasing number of people come from an ever increasing radius around Mount Pleasant.   It is clear to the elders that it is time to make some important decisions. So, during the month of February, through the disciplines of prayer and fasting, we have drawn near to God. And God has spoken in many ways.

I have heard many, many stories of people who have received answers to prayer during this time. I have heard stories of people who have said that this was a time of significant growth spiritually. I have heard others say that they sense God preparing us for the biggest impact we have ever seen in central michigan.

What is God saying to you right now? As we close this month of listening, it is time to hear from you. I am asking our entire community to take a few moments and share answers to a few questions. Share your thoughts by clicking on comment.

1. How has God been moving in your life lately?

2. As we think about the growth of Community Church and our mission of reaching our community, what has God been saying to you?

3. What next steps do you sense God calling you to make?


5 thoughts on “What Have You Been Hearing?

  1. Seek first HIs kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Mt. 6:33). This comes in the midst of Jesus telling us not to worry. He has been calling me to a ministry for which I feel ill prepared to be a part of. Now all I hear is Moses (Ken Davis) saying, “I can’t, I can’t”. Then this verse invaded my life. When I seek Christ first, he will provide time and provisions for the future. Praise be to our God and Savior.

  2. 5 years ago my sense was that we, as a church, weren’t ready to expand in numbers or facility yet; we were not able then to adequately care for the people God had already given us. My sense now is that it is time to move forward. We are headed in the right direction. We are making disciples and there are many others that are in need of Jesus.

  3. I help out with greeting and coffee crew but have been praying for a way to help outside the church also. God keeps speaking to me to help out in an area that I did at the Alma Church of God before we moved to Coldwater Lake. The area I am talking about is Shut-Visitation. I am not sure who to speak to this about but I have talked to Pastor Brian. What is my next step? God has blessed me with the call because our Shut-Ins need to know they are in our thoughts and prayers and not being forgotten. Praying with them when we visit them is so very important as is being a good listening ear. Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts. Sincerely, Linda

  4. I was reading The end of the book of John on the first Wed. of the fast and a particular scripture jumped out at me. John 17: 20 “My prayer is not for them (the disciples) alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” First of all I was blessed that Jesus was praying for me and secondly that he was paying for all of us. As we go in unity to reach out to our community remember, Jesus is praying for you and us. It’s through him that we, together, will make an impact.

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