Achieving Spiritual Thrust

On July 5th, 1687 an english mathematician published a book called Principia (pronounced prin-ki-pia) that revolutionized the way people think about movement. Today, the content of this book is still being taught in high schools and colleges around the world. The author was Sir Isaac Newton who is considered the father of modern Physics and a mathematical genius. In addition to inventing calculus and articulating the laws of gravitational force, he also developed the three laws of motion. The first law of motion deals with the concept of inertia. Inertia is an object’s resistance to change in motion.

This week we kicked of a new series entitled Propelled where we began a conversation about what it takes to gain new movement in our spiritual lives. I spoke about how the key to the propelled life is living by this one basic scriptural principle: When God moves I move. We have been designed to move with God and central to that movement is dealing with our problem of spiritual inertia. As Newton said, “objects at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to stay in motion.” We have a tendency to simply want to stay where we are or to remain on the same course we have been on before. It is possible, in fact likely, that we find ourselves spiritually stuck, but the good news is that God has the power to move us in new ways that bring life.

Paul said, “When you were stuck in your old sin-dead life, you were incapable of responding to God. God brought you alive – right along with Christ!” Colossians 2:13-14 (Message)

As you may know, I spent much of my childhood in southern California. We lived under an hour from Los Angeles and not far from Edwards Air Force Base where the space shuttle often landed. We would routinely be sitting in class and hear the sonic boom and telling us that the space shuttle had just entered the atmosphere. One afternoon at our house we heard the sound of a jet overhead. The kind where you can hear it coming from a long ways off and we went outside looking for a fighter jet and to our surprise we saw the space shuttle fly over our house. It was amazing and it was very loud.

From a physics perspective it is truly incredible what it takes to get the space shuttle off the ground. The space shuttle at lift off weighs 4.5 million pounds. To get the space shuttle to move it requires a thrust equivalent to 44 million horse power that is 14,700 diesel locomotives or 400,000 compact cars.

Maybe you feel like you are weighed down with so much stuff that for you to get moving again seems pretty impossible. Or maybe, you have been slowing down and seems like a long time ago that you were growing and moving with God. Or its possible that you are simply ready to take your spiritual life to the next level and you are ready to throw off everything that hinders and run with God at full speed.

It begins by being open to God’s movement as well as a willingness to stop resisting.

What it would it look like if today you decided to respond positively whenever you were prompted by God to do something this week. Let’s be more specific think of an area that you would like to see improved or changed. For example, you struggle with gossip or maybe your words are less than encouraging to people in your life more often than you know is helpful. What if you asked God to prompt you, convict you, challenge you in that area with the understanding that you would respond when he moves. What if you did a bit of an experiment this week to see what might happen if you simply said “yes” to the way God is prompting you? What you will discover is that God will literally transform your life one move at a time.

God when you move I move!


2 thoughts on “Achieving Spiritual Thrust

  1. Awesome Brian,
    Read your blog here Thursday night 7:35pm to be exact and you guys are off to South Africa and just read the email that you sent to be following you’re progress while there… nothing yet–bummer…have to wait until you guys actually write a blog about what is happening. Anyways, back to this blog..I feel its awesome how God works with his wonder and power…and in some aspects all we have to do is wait on him, his calling…to us to just stop and listen and to be patient and its not when i want to listen..but when he wants me too…I feel like I am at a point in my life that I am on fire to know more about the bible..and yet there is so much that I haven’t experienced..(marriage..children) its like what was the message last sunday—when God moves I move…..I know my move will come..but its when God moves..then its my time to move…I feel at peace..yet a sence of overwhelming joy inside of what God is doing…god bless you pastor and I hope the trip is going well….

  2. Hi Brian,
    Nice imagery to help make spiritual progress sensible. I enjoyed what you wrote. One thing i’ve been doing lately to pray more frequently is whenever prompted, stop and pray. I doubt that could ever be Satan’s voice.
    Blessings, Tim

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