Simple But Not Easy

We just wrapped up SIMPLE, our first series of 2011. The heart of the message was that Jesus gave us a very simple plan for the spiritual life. He taught us to

Love God and Neighbor Passionately”

“Share life together as Christ followers”

Impact the church, community and world”

The plan is simple enough to understand. It is something everyone one of us can remember. Compared to the religious system of Jesus day it was revolutionary in its simplicity. However, there is one thing we must not get confused as we talk about simplicity.


Some things are both simple and easy. Cooking EasyMac is both simple to understand and easy to do. IPODS have a simple and streamlined look and they are easy to operate. However, some things are simple to understand but not easy to do. A great example of this is the game of golf. The purpose of golf could not be easier to understand. Put white ball in hole. But it certainly is anything but easy. People spend their whole life trying to master the game–or in my case, getting mastered by it. I like how one person put it. “Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.” Golf is simple, but not easy.

The life Jesus called us to is simple, but not easy. Jesus said, “love your enemies.” He said, “take up your cross and follow me.” He said, “forgive as you have been forgiven.” Being a Christ follower is not something we can simply float by and get right.

It takes intentionality and determination.

It takes a willingness to sacrifice.

It is not always comfortable.

It takes commitment.

That’s why over the last few weeks we have looked at ways to be intentional in embracing the simple plan to grow spiritually. Here again are the three ways in 2011 you can begin to tackle the simple life.

  1. I will attend one more sunday a month in order to learn to love God and neighbor better in 2011.
  2. I will try out one 10 week season in a small group in order to grow as a Christ follower.
  3. I will give a days worth of hours (either 8 or 24) in partnership with Community Church to make an impact in our church, community or world.

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